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    I am writing this review for Jeff Underdahl Real Estate.I am a current Seller I contacted Jeff to come look at my house so I could get an idea what I could get when I sold it.What he told me was More than what I expected so we listed it at that Higher price.Within One Day he had his team taking pictures and put up for sale signs.Jeffs team members that have been working with me Kellen Kania and Tony Derrigo have been amazing to work with ANYTHING I ask for or need day or night is done fast they have ALL the knowledge that is needed to do this business in a timely and professional manner they have taken the high STRESS level of selling and buying another home off of ME.When Jeff said the house will go on market in a couple of days after I talked to him within one DAY he had let other realtors know my house was going on the market and no sign was even up yet just from word of mouth people were coming by to look.After sign went up Jeff and his team told me that on that day the sign went up on of the agents they deal with brought a potential buyer by and they offered me withs JEFFS help over asking price for my house.I don't know what more you could ask for from a TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS that JEFF has assembled for himself all I can say is I am THANKFUL for this team caring agents to be working with me.If you want it done right and worry free pick Jeff Underdahl and his team they are amazing!!

    by E. Barry

    Everyone knows a realtor, right? I will start this review saying that I initially listed my house with a family friend who has been in real estate for 30+ years, and it was not Jeff Underdahl. Before I listed my house and signing with the family friend, I still wanted to interview two other realtors just to do my due diligence. I Googled best realtor in my zip code and he was #1 in my area. Jeff came to my house and hit it out of the park with his plan to sell my house for top dollar. When I asked him what he suggested the listing price would be, it was $20,000 more than what my family friend suggested. Jeff then said it would go into a bidding war and get up to $15,000 over asking price. At this point, I have to say I thought the guy was a bit off his rocker. I was totally impressed with him, his professionalism, and his knowledge in our community. I knew he was going to be the guy to get me top dollar, but I had felt like a realtor is a realtor and the family friend was going to give me a "good deal". So, I went with my family friend. When I told my family friend I wanted to list my house at Jeff's recommendation, he almost fell off his chair. He said he highly suggested I stick with his recommendation and that you are not going to get any offers at that price, but ultimately it was mt decision and we set the price at what I wanted, which is what Jeff suggested. Needless to say, Jeff was right and I immediately had offers within hours and many over asking price. My family friend suggested I take an offer quickly and just get the house sold. All I can hear in my head was the realtor I should have used, Jeff, saying how much this place could/should go for. We took an offer and it fell through escrow due to a family member passing away on their end. We then got into escrow a second time, which my realtor suggested I take an offer quickly again, but unfortunately fell through again at the end for the potential buyer wanting a large credit at the end. After the second failed attempt, I told my family friend I was going to use someone else who was more like minded with what I wanted. I dont think the family friend did horrible, but I just wanted someone more aggressive to get me top dollar for my house. This is the point where I called Jeff and told him I wanted to use him. I worked with Kellen from his team and he was top notch. Kellen came to my house the next morning and was confident he was going to sell my house for top dollar in a couple of days. I am guessing the confidence is contagious from Jeff, lol. I was told that I can contact him 24/7 and he will never delay in getting me answers to my questions. He assured me we would get the right buyer and we will not fall out of escrow as they will address everything up front and will not have any issues at closing. With their team knowing so many people looking for houses, we already had an offer on the house before it was on the market. Multiple offers came in over asking and I was ready to pick one. Kellen said don't rush and lets just wait and see if we get a better offer. This was another point I knew I had the right team for the job. They were truly interested in making me the most money, and not just looking for a quick commission. We were about to accept an offer, and at the last minute, another offer came in over what Jeff even originally expected the house would sell for. The transaction and selling process was easy for me and Jeff's team has this process down like a well oiled machine. No hiccups, no problems, no guessing, no surprises, no delays. Everything went exactly as they promised. It was a true pleasure to work with this firm and I will surely be using them in the future. I am more than happy to write this positive review for them because it is well deserved. Thank you Jeff and thank you Kellen, you guys did a great job!!

    by J. Dunn - Sold in Vista

    My wife and I are relocating and needed a trustworthy realtor to sell our home. From the moment we met with Jeff and through out the process we were blessed with his team! Every part of the selling process was greeted with professionalism, efficiency, warmth, and flat out care. Jeff's team cares! Jeff's team is exceptional at what they do, hence we got top dollar for our home! I can't recall a smoother real estate transaction. I'd recommend the Underdahl Team to anyone of my family or friends. If you want your house sold, the Underdahl Team is the team to do it!

    by Williams Family - Sold in Vista

    He assisted me in the purchase of my home 6 years ago at a time I wasn't sure whether or not i could actually owned a home and made the whole process an easy enjoyable thing. ANY question I had he had an answer or got the answer quickly. He goes above and beyond. Referred a great friend of mine that was dreading the process of selling his home then buying one so much that he's put it off for over a yr. After the 1st visit with Jeff hes now excited and started the process! Thanks Jeff .. thx for always being available and caring. You Truly care about your clients and it shows!

    by Referral Network - Sale in Oceanside
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